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This tool integrates the very best goal-setting principles.

It applies equally well to small projects, like planning an event, and to larger personal and organizational issues like writing a book, starting a business or developing a staff team.

It helps me, and will help you, move from goal-setting to goal achieving!

-Daren Wride, Author, Speaker

About Release

If you don’t like the idea of wasting your life, never reaching your most important goals, and if like me you crave clarity and direction, I invite you to check out the personal goal setting system I teach in Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul. It contains everything you need to gain clarity, get focused and take strategic action today!

Not only is the book an entertaining, easy read, it unpacks a life planning and goal setting process I have developed that really does help people understand themselves better, identify what they really want, and both motivate and equip them to do something about it. 

My desire is to help you live a focused, satisfying and meaningful life. If that’s what you want too, I know you will benefit from the goal setting and personal development lessons of Release.

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  • Gain Clarity and Discover the "Why?" for Your Life
  • Develop a Personal Life Plan and Live With New Focus
  • Surface Your Deepest Dreams and Discover New Passion
  • ​Capture Your Life Lessons and Take Strategic Action Now!

About Daren Wride

Daren is author of the goal-setting and life-planning book Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul.

The book teaches a life-planning system through the fictional story of an individual on a two-week wilderness trek.

The goal-setting worksheet offered here integrates some of the principles from Release.

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